Justine’s Debutant Ball

Justine contacted me a year ago asking if I would be willing to photograph her 18th birthday! …Sure! At the time I thought I might be wandering around someone’s house all afternoon scrambling to find something to photograph. In actuality, it turned out to be more like a wedding than anything else! In the Filipino culture it is customary to throw a Debutant Ball when a girl turns 18; somewhat similar to a Quincenera. There is extensive planning that goes into this special day, and everyone pitches in to help. Justine wore two exquisite dresses custom made from the Philippines, and her court (7 guys, and 7 girls) looked phenomenal as well. They had multiple dances choreographed for her guests, including a waltz and a suprise hula dance at the end! It was a beautiful night to say the least; a night that Justine will not soon forget.

Upon entrance, the court preformed a waltz for Justine’s guests.

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