Day in LA

It all started back when we were 7..ish..  She was always spunky, outgoing and silly, and I was shy, quiet and silly. We went camping together as girl scouts, got in trouble for staying up way too late talking at sleepovers, and seemed to be the only two girls not even remotely interested in boys. Basically we have been friends for as long as I can remember. We were in each others weddings and although we are separated by distance I think we will remain life long friends.

Yesterday, I was able to drive up and spend the day roaming around downtown LA for the day with Chloe. We made our way through the crowded markets in the fashion district, got some yummy, organic, lactose free ice cream from Kind Kreme, and had the best mexican food at Mas Malo. Have you ever had a ground beef & pickle taco? yup.. sounds iffy but super yummy. Afterwards we stopped off at Botega Loui for some coffee. When you walk in its like your entering a perfect & colorful wonderland! The restaurant is amazing, but they are also known for their pastries and desserts.

Chloe and Giovan have the trendiest apartment in LA! They actually were recently featured on Apartment Therapy, check it out!My favorite peace she has is the library card coffee table! So cool, right?



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