Josh & Tabitha – Engagement Party

This was my first time shooting an engagement party, let alone a Romanian engagement party! My friend Sarah, asked me to photograph her brother’s engagement party at the Orange Hill restaurant last Saturday. I got there about an hour early to take some pictures of just the “bride and groom to be” on the beautiful grounds of the restaurant. I started making small talk with them, and asked how many people they were expecting for their lunch today. “Oh about 150”. “Wow, that great. That sounds like a lot for an engagement party.” ¬†“No, thats nothing. We are inviting 1,000 people to our wedding.” ….. Immediately Father of the Bride popped into my head.. but on a much larger scale. “Ha, what?? 1,000 people?!” Romanians have BIG families. Her grandfather had his own list, her parents, his side of the family, and somehow they all collectively know what adds up to a small city. Anyways, back on track. With this said, they are surrounded by so many people that love them, and it was quite evident on that day. Everyone was ecstatic to be a part of such a special day in their lives.

Tabitha’s grandfather said a prayer over them in Romanian and it was so endearing. Even though I couldn’t understand him, it was obviously he was pouring out his heart and all his love upon his granddaughter and her new fiance. Tears were shed as he poured out his blessing upon them.


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