Anniversary Weekend

This past weekend we celebrated our two year wedding anniversary! To celebrate, we decided to take a break from life and we drove down to Palm Desert and spent the weekend at the pool. It averaged about 104 degrees each day so to say it was hot …is an understatement. The heat aside, it was so nice to spend some quality time together and do absolutely NOTHING. 🙂

On Monday, we drove another 30 miles south to the Salton Sea. It’s known for its (too) high salt content ha. Its absolutely beautiful. The water is really blue and clear, beautiful mountain landscape in the background, white sandy beaches, and…smelly,dead fish along the shore! yeah..EW. So we get there and realize we are the only people there..even the visitor center is closed. It was like an episode out of the twilight zone. So we walked down to the shoreline and noticed a few dead fish here and there (slightly expected). The farther we got the more dead fish we saw until we happened upon the motherload: there were lines of HUNDREDS and hundreds of fish skeletons on the sand! sorry, not even skeletons. Roasted, rubbery fish. Sorry for the graphic depiction, but if your brave enough I have some pictures to show you. 🙂

So all in all it was a fun adventure and something we can check off our list


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