Ryan & Amy – “Day After” pt1

Amy & Ryan are.. AWSOME. I’m somewhat biased since Ryan is my cousin but really. They’re pretty fun people. Amy is a junior high science teacher and has no fear of bugs. She is actually intrigued by them. Ryan is one of those techi nerds (JUST KIDDING!) and works with me at Calvary Chapel. Even though we work at the same place and live only a couple of miles apart, we don’t really get to hang out much outside of family events and holidays. So with that said, it was a lot of fun goofing off and having fun together for an afternoon. Ryan and Amy got married a year ago but wanted to take more pictures in their “wedding attire” and take some ‘casual’ pictures too. So it wasn’t quite a “Day After” shoot..more like a year after! We met up at my friend Lauren‘s house (also a photographer) and shot all of these pictures in her backyard (and frontyard)! She has a gorgeous backyard and its HUGE for Orange County, so we had lots of different spots to shoot. I will be posting their “casual pictures” next week, because there were too many to choose from for just one post! Amy, you are stunning. Ryan is one lucky guy to have you and we are so glad to have you as a part of our family. 🙂


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