Andrew & Brittany- Engagement

Brittany was in town visiting Becca’s sister, Sarah, when I first met her two years ago. She tagged along with Sarah to my bridal shower, and at the time, I assumed the extent of our relationship would involve being facebook freinds. I never imagined I would be shooting her engagement pictures! Actually, at the time I didn’t expect to be taking anyones engagement pictures, ha! Ok, back to the happy couple.. Andrew and Brittany started dating in high school and have been in love ever since. They love the outdoors, are passionate about their Lord, and are both studying to be in the medical field. Pretty much their awsome. I’ve had this idea for a while to shoot a couple riding a tandum bike in a field while the girl is holding balloons; I’ve just been waiting for a willing couple. Lucky for me, they were more than willing. ๐Ÿ™‚

Without further adue, Internet, meet the lovely Brittany & Andrew:

If you want to see more pictures from their engagement session check out their album on my facebook


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