Christmas Card!

I must say, that I am very proud of our Christmas spirit this year. The first year we were married, we decked out every inch of the apartment with garland and all sorts of Christmas decorations. I also managed to get our home made Christmas card {photo} out in a decent amount of time. Last year.. was a different story. Some time got away from us and we completely missed putting up our tree and definitely didn’t get our Christmas cards out in time. They turned into Happy New Year cards, but even then, I think only our immediate family and a few friends were privileged to see those. This year, I think we are making a come back. Our tree has been up for a few weeks (however not quite decorated yet), I am hosting a girls cookie decorating party with our youth group kids from church, and I am in the process of getting our Christmas cards out! Yay, us!

I should probably add that this is the first year we have taken a CHRISTMAS picture instead of picking something that was relevant from the previous six months.We set up the tripod and took some quick pictures when we were up in the mountains for Thanksgiving, and I love the way they turned out. I feel like the describe us perfectly.. especially the one we chose for our Christmas card. Merry Christmas!


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