Brian & Cheryl Brodersen

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of photographing Brian & Cheryl Brodersen of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa for their headshots…again! Remember last years shoot? This year we went for a different look and chose to shoot at Portola (aka, Brian’s favorite hangout) If your in the Orange County area, definitely take the time to check it out. Its not the kind of place where you can just ask for a “regular drip coffee”… they look at you kind of funny if you try to go that route. If you like your coffee ‘just so’, and know the difference between a pour over, trifecta, and a halogen siphon bar, then this place is screaming your name. It was too crowded inside to get any good shots so we wandered around outside and were still able to capture some great moments._DSC0608 _DSC0629 _DSC0632 _DSC0693 _DSC0697 _DSC0749 _DSC0749bw _DSC0753 _DSC0760 _DSC0818 _DSC0825 _DSC0842 _DSC0855 _DSC0878


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