Hauber Family



Phoenix – 1st Birthday

Phoenix Mae and her family hold a special place in my heart. Her mother is one of my dearest friends and I have had the pleasure of knowing them since Nevaeh (now 7) was about 2yrs. A few years ago they moved up to Carpinteria to be a part of Reality Carpinteria, and have since moved to Boston to plant a new church, Reality Boston. Just before they left, I was able to spend a few days in Carpinteria and celebrate Pheonix Mae’s 1st Birthday! Here are a few shots from a quick session we did at the end of the day. To say that she enjoyed her cake is definitely an understatement.

Holiday Family

Today is finally the first day of December! But with all the holiday decorations that have been up in stores since the end of October, I feel like December is lagging a little behind this year. 😉

This past September, my husband was hired on as the youth pastor at a church in Yorba Linda, and since then we have grown close with the Senior pastor, Josh, and his {awsome} family. This is the Holiday’s first Christmas with their beautiful twin boys, so to say that this is a special season, is an understatement. As soon as Jessie asked me to take her families Christmas pictures a few months ago, we started brainstorming and coming up with ideas for the perfect photoshoot. We actually planned on taking their pictures at another location, but when weather and time restraints became an issue, they opted to have their pictures taken at home. And I’m glad we did. It has so much more of a personal feel and I’m really excited with the way the pictures turned out.  Love you guys! Thank you for welcoming us into your family and being such a big part of our lives. Jessie, your such an inspiration to me, and I know there are so many other girls who would say the same.

Models in the making? I think ‘yes’.

The Kemp Family

Happy Wednesday! We’ve made it half way through the week! I’m excited to share these pictures of the Kemp family with you. They are some of the awsomest (yes..i just said awsomEST) people you will ever meet.. and I’m not just saying that ’cause their family. 🙂 Landon is almost 4 and a very special little boy. He is gentle and so sweet, and quite the entertainment. Thank you guys for entrusting me once again with your family pictures. I had a blast with you guys. Love you both!


My chunka-munka. You are vibrant and full of little {BIG} giggles. You are silly and your laugh is contagious. I hope you never grow out of your Shirley Temple curls. You are curious and full of adventure. You are strong willed and yet so loving. You light up when your daddy comes in the room and you can’t wait for your big sister to come home from school. You are a gem. And for this, I love you.

I was able to spend a few days with one of my dearest friends  and her family a few weeks ago and for some reason my camera didn’t come out much except to capture some silly moments with Char.

*Of course I couldn’t pick just one. Can’t get enough of those chubby cheeks!

Weekend Happenings

This past weekend was A-mazing. It was the first weekend in quite a while that my husband and I were actually able to relax together all day and go out on a date night! On Saturday, we meandered around the Orange traffic circle for a few hours and found this really cool flea market! If you know me at all, you will know that I LOVE all things ‘bird’. Specifically owls. So with that in mind, I found this wooden platter with a bird design and I snagged it before anyone else noticed this vintage gem. Hopefully it will make some sort of an appearance in a photoshoot soon. Isn’t it cute??

Saturday afternoon I headed over to my parents neighborhood to take pictures at Natasha’s 5th birthday party. I used to nanny for Natasha from 9 months-to about 3 years old, and have photographed each of her birthday parties since she was two. It is mainly the same group of kids each year, and its fun seeing how much they’ve changed in a years time. This year was the first “girls only” ballerina themed party. Natasha even had a ‘real ballerina’ make an appearance and show the girls some new ballet moves. Happy 5th Birthday Natasha! I can’t believe how fast your growing up. Enjoy a few detail shots!


Baby Gregory

Gregory is here! I’m sure you remember Greg & Jennel from their maternity session back in July. Well, Gregory made his grand appearance about 3 1/2 weeks ago and he is just a dream. Josh {my husband} and I are close friends with his amazing parents, so we are lucky enough to see him at least once or twice a week.. So with that said, he will probably be making quite a few appearances on my blog in the future.

Phoenix Mae

Phoenix holds a special place in my heart. Her mother is one of my best friends and I have had the pleasure of watching her two older sisters grow into beautiful little girls. Just over a year and a half ago they moved a few hours away so the time I get to spend with them is very precious. Here a some pictures of Phoenix a little over a week old from my last visit. These were taken a little over a month ago so I think she will be due soon for more pictures!