Jake & Kat – Engaged


So very excited to share these photos with you! This is one of my absolute favorite locations to shoot, along with one of my favorite couples. Kat and Jake are very dear friends and was honored to shoot their engagement pictures. Jake is a great musician and lead singer for the children’s Bear Hug Band, and Kat is a preschool teacher. They were the best of friends before Jake realized that he couldn’t live without her.. and wanted to be more than just friends. Of course Kat had felt the same way for the longest time, and well.. the rest is history. Their love for each other is evident and shines through in each of these images.They are absolutely perfect for each other: they both love country music (somewhat of a rarity here in SoCal), line dancing, have a special love for children, are sweet old souls, and most importantly have an unwavering love for Jesus. I cant wait to be in AND shoot your wedding in September! Love you both!
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Brian & Cheryl Brodersen

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of photographing Brian & Cheryl Brodersen of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa for their headshots…again! Remember last years shoot? This year we went for a different look and chose to shoot at Portola (aka, Brian’s favorite hangout) If your in the Orange County area, definitely take the time to check it out. Its not the kind of place where you can just ask for a “regular drip coffee”… they look at you kind of funny if you try to go that route. If you like your coffee ‘just so’, and know the difference between a pour over, trifecta, and a halogen siphon bar, then this place is screaming your name. It was too crowded inside to get any good shots so we wandered around outside and were still able to capture some great moments._DSC0608 _DSC0629 _DSC0632 _DSC0693 _DSC0697 _DSC0749 _DSC0749bw _DSC0753 _DSC0760 _DSC0818 _DSC0825 _DSC0842 _DSC0855 _DSC0878

Promotional Add

The theme for this year’s Women’s Retreat at Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa is “Answer the Call”. I was asked to take a few promo pictures for the event website, and when I remembered that one of my co-workers collects classic phones, I knew we had to use them. We ended up putting this together last minute in the warehouse at church  and I’m thrilled with the way it all turned out.

Vision 2011

Definitely feel a little behind, but I’m finally getting around to posting some pictures of Vision! Vision 2011 was a six week evangelistic event hosted by Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa this past summer. Unfortunately, I was only able to attend the last night, but what I experienced was amazing. Lots of volunteers coming together to serve the local community with the goal of spreading the gospel, and hoping they are won to Christ through salvation. Anyways, the last night we were stoked to have Leeland here to close out the event. They are such amazing and genuine people, with an awsome talent that they use to glorify their Lord. Praise God for all the hearts that were brought to salvation that night!

Pastor Garid preaching the gospel and inviting people to make a commitment give their lives to Jesus Christ.
Thanks to all the people who came out this summer! Can’t wait to see what happens next year.