Hauber Family



Christmas Card!

I must say, that I am very proud of our Christmas spirit this year. The first year we were married, we decked out every inch of the apartment with garland and all sorts of Christmas decorations. I also managed to get our home made Christmas card {photo} out in a decent amount of time. Last year.. was a different story. Some time got away from us and we completely missed putting up our tree and definitely didn’t get our Christmas cards out in time. They turned into Happy New Year cards, but even then, I think only our immediate family and a few friends were privileged to see those. This year, I think we are making a come back. Our tree has been up for a few weeks (however not quite decorated yet), I am hosting a girls cookie decorating party with our youth group kids from church, and I am in the process of getting our Christmas cards out! Yay, us!

I should probably add that this is the first year we have taken a CHRISTMAS picture instead of picking something that was relevant from the previous six months.We set up the tripod and took some quick pictures when we were up in the mountains for Thanksgiving, and I love the way they turned out. I feel like the describe us perfectly.. especially the one we chose for our Christmas card. Merry Christmas!

Holiday Family

Today is finally the first day of December! But with all the holiday decorations that have been up in stores since the end of October, I feel like December is lagging a little behind this year. 😉

This past September, my husband was hired on as the youth pastor at a church in Yorba Linda, and since then we have grown close with the Senior pastor, Josh, and his {awsome} family. This is the Holiday’s first Christmas with their beautiful twin boys, so to say that this is a special season, is an understatement. As soon as Jessie asked me to take her families Christmas pictures a few months ago, we started brainstorming and coming up with ideas for the perfect photoshoot. We actually planned on taking their pictures at another location, but when weather and time restraints became an issue, they opted to have their pictures taken at home. And I’m glad we did. It has so much more of a personal feel and I’m really excited with the way the pictures turned out.  Love you guys! Thank you for welcoming us into your family and being such a big part of our lives. Jessie, your such an inspiration to me, and I know there are so many other girls who would say the same.

Models in the making? I think ‘yes’.

Lopez Family

I feel like this holiday season is already going by so fast! I think its because this is the first year that I have been swamped with {mulitple} photoshoots every weekend, it just makes the time fly by. But I love it!

Let me introduce to you the Lopez Family. They are pretty much AWSOME. Believe it or not, “Mr. Joel” was my 6th grade teacher and he definitely made it the most memorable of all my elementary years. He has one of the funniest personalities, and he definitely passed that along to his goofy kids. We were in luck that day and it didn’t rain until we had finished our pictures, but the cloudy morning made for some great distilled lighting. The Lopez family let me pick the location and idea behind their pictures, so they were my guinea pigs for a concept I had wanted to try and I love the way it turned out! This is the location {and concept} that I will be using for my Christmas mini session coming up! I still have a few spots available in the late morning if anyone is interested! With all that said, enjoy the pictures, and Happy early Thanksgiving!!


Christmas Minis!

I have to be honest and say that I LOVE the rain. Watching Grey’s Anatomy, curled up under a blanket with hot apple cider in hand is definitely my ideal way to spend a rainy day….except when I have 3 photoshoots planned over the weekend and it decides to rain THE ENTIRE weekend…kind of a bummer. Anyways! Since I’m {pleasantly surprised to say} booked SOLID until Christmas, I thought it would be best to put together a day for family mini-sessions: for those who need to reschedule due to the rain, and for those who are still anxious to get there pictures taken in time to send out the annual Christmas card.

My husband was recently hired on as a Junior High pastor at a church in Yorba Linda and I’ve noticed a ton of great locations to take pictures and have been dying for the opportunity. One of the locations along our route is the Yorba Linda Regional Park and it would be perfect, rain or shine. Plenty of trees and greenery along with a balance of ‘field-like foliage’ giving a diverse effect all wrapped up in one AWSOME location. All of that to say, I’m really looking forward to seeing what that will hold and hoping to book it full of mini sessions! Let me know if your interested in being a part of my first Christmas mini-session! I only have 8 spots open so spread the word and contact me soon to have first pick at the time slots. 🙂

The Kemp Family

Happy Wednesday! We’ve made it half way through the week! I’m excited to share these pictures of the Kemp family with you. They are some of the awsomest (yes..i just said awsomEST) people you will ever meet.. and I’m not just saying that ’cause their family. 🙂 Landon is almost 4 and a very special little boy. He is gentle and so sweet, and quite the entertainment. Thank you guys for entrusting me once again with your family pictures. I had a blast with you guys. Love you both!