Jake & Kat – Engaged


So very excited to share these photos with you! This is one of my absolute favorite locations to shoot, along with one of my favorite couples. Kat and Jake are very dear friends and was honored to shoot their engagement pictures. Jake is a great musician and lead singer for the children’s Bear Hug Band, and Kat is a preschool teacher. They were the best of friends before Jake realized that he couldn’t live without her.. and wanted to be more than just friends. Of course Kat had felt the same way for the longest time, and well.. the rest is history. Their love for each other is evident and shines through in each of these images.They are absolutely perfect for each other: they both love country music (somewhat of a rarity here in SoCal), line dancing, have a special love for children, are sweet old souls, and most importantly have an unwavering love for Jesus. I cant wait to be in AND shoot your wedding in September! Love you both!
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Jay turns 1!


Happy Monday everyone! How was everyones weekend? Last week I met up with Danielle and her beautiful family once again for some family pictures, in honor of Jayden turning 1yr. We went to a local park and shot some pictures of the whole family and of course had to get some cute ones of just mom and dad. You might remember Danielle and Jayden from Fathers day this past summer.

I recently got some new props from Suzi’s Farmhouse Finds that I absolutely love, and I was really excited to incorporate this new chalkboard into the photoshoot!